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Privacy Policy : Foodress : The best food outlet directory in the world

The privacy policy of Foodress.com conveys what information the site collects from the foodlet vendors and how it is used. Use the services of the site only if you agree to the privacy policy.


Foodress.com ensures that all the information collected from the foodlet vendors is protected. The data pertaining to the user is collected so that user can be specifically identified and to provide better services when the site is accessed. The user data is collected and used as per privacy statements only.


There will be a periodic update of the policy and users should check it before they proceed.


Information collection and usage

The foodlet vendor information that is collected includes Name of foodlet, timings of foodlet, address, food item specialty and photograph of the foodlet. Foodress.com uses the information collected from the vendors, for the following purposes


  • To maintain the user data in the Database.
  • To provide better services.
  • To Conduct Market research and analysis
  • To Send Emails and promotional offers to the users.
  • To providing a better user-friendly experience.

Foodlet vendors can unsubscribe to Email and newsletters and can opt out any other service by following the Guidelines.


For any issues kindly mail us at contact@Foodress.com


Promotional Campaigns

Foodress.com is planning to collaborate with various food vendors and to provide foodies with many offers in the form of online coupons etc which may require collection of additional information for further verification etc. Any such offer would be applicable with the respective terms and conditions mentioned with it.


Information Upload and Personalization

Certain sections of the site encourage users to contribute information and accredit the users by display of their personal information along with the Uploaded data. Users can customize the way their personal information which may include their Name, Email, Photo and decide what information they want to display and is as per privacy statements.



Cookies or other similar kind of tools may be placed on the user computer. Cookies in any way don’t harm the computer of the user or have an impact on his data. They are used to identify a computer and provide the user with a specific user id. Our advertisers may place cookies on your computer when their ads are clicked. Foodress.com has no control over the advertiser’s cookies. We cannot know the details pertaining to the user with cookies. Foodress.com collects information like IP address of the user’s computer etc to measure traffic and for website analysis purposes.



Foodress.com contains links to other sites. Foodress.com doesn’t hold any responsibility for the content in the form of text, images and other forms published on redirected sites and have no control over them and their privacy policies. Any kind of information provided by the user to third party or redirected sites from Foodress.com is at their own risk and not included in the privacy statement.



Rather than mentioned purpose to serve users about basic info of foodlet vendors, promotional campaigns will be conducted and new updates will be provided in the form of Emails, SMS etc to keep users updated. These can be customized based on user requirements and can be opted out based on user choices.


Resolution of Issues and Feedback

For any issues or to provide any feedback or suggestion kindly submit the feedback form or kindly mail us a Feedback@Foodress.com.


Information Sharing/Emails Opt outs

The information collected from the user is shared based on the privacy guidelines mentioned in the privacy policy.


We do not sale or provide bulk information to any agencies in any circumstances.


You may opt-out of receiving any messages or newsletters from us by sending mail from your email id to unsubscribe@foodress.com. Users who receive e-mails from us may also opt-out of receiving further e-mails by following the instructions contained in our e-mails. Despite your indicated e-mail preferences, we may send you notices of any updates to our Terms of Use or Privacy Policy.



Foodress.com is built on latest and most reliable technology platforms. User and vendor information is maintained using the best security standards in the industry. We use high quality paraphernalia that safeguard and maintain the information database. Foodress.com assures that vendor / user data is protected under strict supervision. The data can be accessed by the respective officials of our company to perform their duties. Although in certain cases when there can be security breaches due to various reasons, we cannot assure that factors related to unauthorized access can be entirely in our control.


Mobile apps

The users do not need to register to use the mobile application version. Information related to users like mobile number etc can be collected. In case of a referral to users’ friends about Foodress.com, we may choose to note the friends contact number to send him with the promotional services of the site. For auto location pop up on the App, access of some technical data that may relate to the service provider or the handheld device may be used to provide better service.


Changes to the policy

As internet is an evolving medium, Foodress.com would update its privacy policies from time to time to provide effective services.