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Purpose of the Site:

Foodress.com will provide info about foodlets in terms of Name, Contact Number, photograph of foodlet and its direction and location. User can search for foodlet related to food items or related to specific city. This service is to guide users on different food variants available near users' location. We do not claim or guarantee about food quality, hygiene, preparation method, staff involved, material used or Food & Hygine guideline followed by the Vendor. Selection and usage of the Vendor services are sole responsibilities of the User. Ratings provided and information provided from time to time is based on user views and information collected from various sources. Foodress.com or Orane group of companies should not be held responsible for authenticity of such data.


For Vendros:

To serve the purpose of being bridge between food vendors and customers, Foodress.com will provide relevant information about foodlets like address, phone number, photograph etc.

Foodlet vendors will be responsible to inform us in case of change of location or change in any other relevant information.

We recommend every foodlet vendor to read our privacy policy for further information and before registering with us.



Promotional campaigns will be conducted and new updates will be provided in the form of Emails, SMS etc to keep users updated about the latest updates. These can be customized based on user requirements and can be opted out based on user choices.


Resolution of Issues and Feedback

For any issues or to provide any feedback or suggestion kindly submit the feedback form or kindly mail us at Feedback@Foodress.com.


Information Sharing/Emails Opt outs

The information collected from the foodlet vendors is shared based on the privacy guidelines mentioned in the privacy policy.


We do not sale or provide bulk information to any agencies in any circumstances.


You may opt-out of receiving any messages or newsletters from us by sending email from your email id to unsubscribe@foodress.com. Users who receive e-mails from us may also opt-out of receiving further e-mails by following the instructions contained in our e-mails. Despite your indicated e-mail preferences, we may send you notice of any updates to our Terms of Use or Privacy Policy.


Security of information

The vendor and user information will be secured using the best known security measures & methods in current market.


You hereby acknowledge that foodress.com is not responsible for any intercepted information sent via the internet, and you hereby release us from any and all claims arising out of or related to the use of intercepted information in any unauthorized manner.



Site content

All the content may or may not be fully copyright of the Orane Group of companies. The product and the Shop/Vendor logo/Photos provided by vendors may or may not be their property and we will not be in position to verify the same.


Logo and trademark of Foodress & Orane group of companies are under sole ownership of Orane group and no material like text or images can be copied or reprinted without prior permission from Orane Group of companies. All the content on the site is protected by the copyright laws and cannot be copied or duplicated in any form without prior permission from the owner of the content.


Any content downloaded, copied and transmitted is strictly for the reference of the visitors of the site and cannot be modified in any form.



The content published by Foodress.com is for providing general purpose information to foodies across the globe. Foodress team is working to keep the content updated on the site from time to time. Any representation of content doesn’t warrant for user suitability and accuracy of the published content in the form of text, Images, graphics and other forms. The credence user place on the content is on their own risk.


Under any circumstances foodress.com will not be responsible for any kind of loss or damage direct or indirect or the loss from what so ever means that occurs from the published content on the site or anything that is in connection to site. Foodress.com does not mean to promote or recommend outbound links that redirect to other sites and is not responsible for the content of any kind that is published on the redirected sites.


In certain sections Foodress would try to provide with the best information possible in terms of the Names used and any values or other methods related to those sections. Any feedback or suggestions for Correction of information could be given via feedback


Foodress.com would do its best for the effective running of the website but would not be liable and responsible for any technical difficulty that is over its reach and control. Foodress team will always ensure that foodies are provided information 24X7, however if we can not meet your hunger to guide you on various foodlets near you please bear with us :).